3 years, 80,000 miles, 61 national parks

June 4, 2019

Indiana Dunes National Park, Indiana (CNN) — There's a sandhill crane nesting in the middle of a patch of restored marsh, the bird's partner calling out as it returns to their nest.

A few hundred feet away, a beaver pops out of its lodge in the middle of the marsh, then dips back under water after spotting human visitors.

Andres Quintero quietly takes pictures of the animal inhabitants of Indiana Dunes National Park, the newest of the US National Park Service's 61 headliner national parks.

As Quintero hikes with a park ranger to the summit of Mount Baldy sand dune, 126 feet high, he is rewarded with a spectacular view of Lake Michigan, the Chicago skyline visible to the northwest and the Northern Indiana Public Service Corp. Power Plant operating to the east.

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