To Disney or not to Disney?

(CNN)--To Disney or not to Disney?

For many travelers, especially those with children, it's not even a question they ask. They already know the answer.


    To these visitors, Disney is Mickey Mouse, princesses, magic and fun. It's happy memories of childhood brought back to life in your children, a clean place where the rides are safe and the Disney characters are always happy to pose for pictures with your kids.

    That's Deb Koma, who visited once as a child and walked back into the Magic Kingdom in the mid-1990s with her young son.

    "It was so perfect, everybody was so happy, everything was so maintained," said Koma, who now works for the, an unofficial Disney planning and fan site. "You were in a perfect fantasy world. That, and my little boy loved it."

    But for other vacationers, Disney inspires a firm "no." 

    To those travelers, Disney is merely a commercial machine built to sell tickets, overpriced toys and a stereotype of girls as princesses. They may remember visiting Disneyland or Disney World when they were children, but they aren't taking their kids there.         

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